Monday, January 18, 2010

Still alive here in Scotland! The weekend was nice, Justin got to sleep in a bit and we got to go see some sites together. The weather Saturday was pretty nasty, we went out and walked around, got completely drenched in the downpour. It was raining sideways so the umbrella didn’t do much good. So, of course I got the cold Justin had after walking around wet and cold all day.
Sunday was much nicer, the sun came out and we were able to walk around more without being miserable. We found a place to do laundry and walked around a little more so Justin could actually see some things. Being a Sunday it was less crowded too. We found the Maritime Museum and checked that out; there is obviously a long history of boatbuilding and more recently the oil industry has moved in. There have a lot of artifacts found locally that date back to the Romans, so that was pretty cool, nothing that old in the good old USofA. They actually have a lot to do that is free so it’s been nice not having to spend too much to occupy our time.
We found somebody to take our picture at the Citadel, and we saw a couple of police walking down the street and Justin asked if he could take his picture with them. They asked if he was sure he wanted to do that and were very kind about it. They even wanted to see it after I took it! So, Justin got his picture taken with law enforcement here, and not in the way that most people thought he would!
I had found a little pub the other day and we stopped there to get lunch. It was where a lot of the college kids go so we figured it couldn’t be too bad. I had the best beer, Fruli which tasted just like strawberry punch. We got a great burger and beer for under £6, which is really good for the area. I was sitting there on the comfy couch, eating my awesome burger when Bon Jovi came on; does it get any better than that? Nothing like an 80’s hair band to bring two cultures together.
We stayed in the rest of the night, watched some movies and I rested some. Justin went out to get dinner and bring it back; we found a great Indian place the other day. I normally don’t like Indian food, but apparently I like the authentic stuff. Who would have thought I would go to Scotland and fall in love with Indian food? Unfortunately the Indian place was closed so he went to the store and got a “Cajun” chicken wrap and a salad. I use the term Cajun loosely; apparently when they put cayenne pepper in something it automatically makes it Cajun, even though it had more of an Indian flavor.
We are looking forward to coming home and sleeping in our own bed and we miss Maggie, and everything American! Hopefully our trip back won’t be as big of a debacle as the way here; the weather is supposed to be better, so it should be alright. We will let you know when we get home ok, we don’t head back until Friday, and get in Saturday. Miss you all!

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  1. Wow how cool! I'm so out of the loop with you - we need to catch up! Pictures are great and I'm so jealous!