Sunday, December 1, 2013

Minion Ornaments

Well, things have been busy around here with the holidays now upon us. I just wish I could stay home and craft every day! No such luck, but I was able to finally whip up these cute little guys. My sister in law and her family love these characters, and I couldn't find any so I decided I would figure it out and make them.

I have had the plastic ornaments in my stash for a while now, not knowing what to actaully do with them.
The top comes off with a little pull, then just add a bit of acrylic paint and shake it to cover. They had some bubbles at first, but they went away after a few minutes.  I let them sit out for a couple of days to dry out, rolling them a couple of times a day to keep them evenly covered.

I found different sized google eyes, silver pipe cleaners and black glitter tape. I decided after this photo to use fake eyelashes for the hair, which was perfect! (Actually, that was my husband's idea, and a good one. I wish I could take credit for that!)

It was a process to figure out how to attach everything, but once I got the glue situation handled, they came together nicely. 
I wanted to get them done, and I wasn't confident in my painting abilities, so we printed out the smiles on photo paper, fussy cut them and adhered them. (Also my husband's idea, thank you dear!)

I love how these turned out and my SIL loved them, so mission accomplished!
 Happy Holidays, TFL!


  1. Loooove how you made these. So super fun!

  2. These are adorable!!! My nephews would LOVE them! :)

  3. I love these. Where did you find a picture of the mouths to print off?

  4. Adorable! And very creative idea from you and your husband.

  5. Did you use a hot glue gun? Or what kind of glue?

  6. Yes, curious to know what kind of glue?

  7. Wish you would have shared exactly what worked with the glue situation, so we don't have to make the same mistakes. This is an awesome post, but DIY comes with a lot of failure from guessing and experimentation.